Valves and Automation

•Zero Leakage Rotary

Triple Offset Butterfly



•Specialty Check Valves,

Combined Non-Return &

Shutoff Valves

2, 3, and 4 way

Solenoid Valves



Operated Piston


•Sleeved Plug Valves


•Teflon Lined Plug,

Ball, Butterfly &

Check Valves


•High Performance

Butterfly Valve

•Sliding Gate & Globe Style Electric or Pneumatic Control Valves

•Pressure & Back Pressure


•Temperature Regulators

•Sanitary Pressure Regulators

•Low Flow Pressure & Back

Pressure Regulators

•Industrial Ball Valves


•V-Port Control Valves


•Multi-Port Ball Valves


•Tank Bottom Valves

•Sanitary Control

valves and pressure

regulators for high

purity applications

•Pressure regulators

and control valves for

low flow applications

Limit Switches

P/P and I/P Positioners

Digital Positioners

Position Indicators

Fairchild Products

I/P, P/I converters

Pressure Regulators

Volume Boosters

YTC Products

Valve Positioners,

Soldo Controls

Limit switches

Valve Position Indicators

•Pinch Valves,

Diaphragm, Knife Gate, & Control Valves,

Isolation Seals, Expansion Joints

•Rack & Pinion




Limit Switches

Senitec Products

Declutchable Overrides

•Rack & Pinion

Pneumatic Rotary


•Teflon Impregnated


•Manifold, Orifice,


Instrument & Gauge

Block Valves

Conservation Vents

Flame Arrestors

In-Line and End of Line

Resilient Seated Butterfly Valves

High Performance Butterfly Valves

Check Valves

Aeration Systems

Expansion Joints

Resilient Seated Butterfly Valves

High Performance Butterfly Valves

Industrial Ball Valves

Automation Products

Process Ball Valves

Automation Products

•Knife Gate Valves

Severe Service Valves

Quick Delivery

•Industrial Diaphragm Valves,

Weir and Straight through,

manual and automated.

•Pneumatically and

Electrically operated

Control Valves

•Linear and Rotary Style

•Limit switches,

Proximity switches,

Bus Valve monitoring

systems, for linear

and rotary valves

•Advanced Engineering Valves

•Made in Belgium

•Rotary Eccentric C-ball

•"No Contact" type valve

•Cryogenic and Severe Services

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